Business Win- About Us
Business Win- About Us
Business Win was set up in the Spring of 2011 to provide the solution to the needs of businesses to help them grow their customers- and hence their business.

Too many business people become fixated either by the technology of online marketing- or the snake oil salespeople peddling instant results- or they are just sold on the cheapest option for a website.

We are different.

We know about the technology.
Our first website was launched 14 years ago in 1998. So we know what the current programmers can- and can’t produce. We keep up to date with the changing online marketing technologies- so that you can just concentrate on what you do best- your existing offline business.

We never promise instant results.
In many cases we get very quick rerankings from the search engines, but we don’t have any direct influence over these third party businesses so it would be wrong to claim otherwise. Equally instant slash and burn results may be very damaging to long term success.

You get what you pay for.
So many times after we explain what is required for a winning website we hear the lament- “I never knew there was so much to a website”. A website is like an iceberg- the stuff that you see in your browser is only the source code above the waterline.

90% of what is under the waterline is the important bit- that makes the difference between success and failure. Just ask the Captain of the Titanic, if you could.

 If you want to know more- or you need help- please just click Business Win here now!

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