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Panasonic reports profits back in the black

Panasonic has reported a net profit of £421 million for the October-December period, compared with a £131 million loss a year earlier.Panasonic, which kept its forecast for a full-year loss unchanged, said a weak yen had improved business conditions. The Japanese currency has dipped more than 15% against the US dollar since November last year. […]

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Honda drives bigger profits

Honda has reported an increase in third quarter profits as US sales recover. Honda’s profits £538 million in the last quarter of 2012, up from £317 million a year earlier. The firm said profits had also been boosted by a continued recovery from the floods in Thailand in 2011. However, it cut its full-year profit […]

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Boeing’s sales take off to record highs

Boeing’s sales in the last quarter of 2012 reached a record £14 billion, the US plane manufacturer has said.Its backlog of plane orders also hit an all-time high of £260 billion as the company began delivering the first of its new flagship Dreamliner 787 jets. The firm made net income of £652 million, down 30% […]

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