UK manufacturing output rises another 0.9%

UK manufacturing output bounced back in the spring new official figures confirm.UK manufacturing output rises another 0.9%Manufacturing output rose by a stronger than expected 0.9%, after a fall of 1.1% earlier in the year.

Sectors including chemicals, transport equipment, computer and electronics were behind the recovery according to the Office for National Statistics.

The wider measure of industrial production fell 0.3%, due to a drop in oil and gas production.

Andrew Johnson, senior economist at the EEF manufacturers’ organisation, said the data “suggests manufacturing is in a better position at the start of this year than it was at the end of 2011”.

“However, the challenges clearly remain formidable, especially with regard to major European markets,” he added.

“The outlook for manufacturing has been clouded by differing messages from varying surveys. So for example the CBI quarterly survey was punchy but the most recent PMI figures suggest the sector is doing barely anything,” he said.

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