Airbus owner EADS flies record deliveries

European aerospace company EADS has reported higher annual profits after delivering a record number of its Airbus aircraft to customers.Airbus owner EADS flies record deliveriesThe firm said reported net income of £836 million ( 1.03 billion euros, $1.36 billion ) for 2011, up 87% from a year earlier.

EADS delivered a record 534 commercial aircraft during the year.

Announcing its results, EADS also said that its order backlog had jumped to a record £439 billion.

The company delivered 26 of its A380 superjumbo planes, which have been in the news over cracks appearing in their wings.

In January, EADS ordered checks to be carried out on all A380s in service and the European Aviation Safety Agency has ordered an investigation. The wings are made in the UK, in Broughton,

EADS also delivered 503 helicopters at Eurocopter and launched its 46th consecutive Ariane 5 space rocket under the European Space Agency.

The company said that in 2011 “defence markets in the western world were under pressure, as anticipated”.

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