Rolls Royce grows global business

Rolls Royce is to expand it’s global manufacturing capability with a new Singaporean plant.Rolls Royce grows global businessThe seven-tonne cylindrical Trent 900 engine, which powers the biggest passenger plane in the world – the Airbus A380, is at the heart of the Rolls-Royce Seletar facility in Singapore.

When engines like this one start rolling off the production line in a few months’ time, it will take 14 days to put one together from start to finish.

Compare that with the more than 20 days it takes the quintessential British manufacturer’s main UK facility in Derby to put together the same engine.

That lure of increased productivity is central to Rolls-Royce’s decision to start manufacturing here.

“The decision to invest in Singapore is about growth,” says Jonathan Asherson, director for South East Asia at Rolls-Royce plc, the marque’s aerospace arm.

“We are going to deliver double the amount of engines by the end of this decade than we do now.  To cater for that growth we need to invest, and the investments we make need to be near our customers, and in this case to the highest-growing region for us.”

Almost half of Rolls Royce’s new orders for aircraft engines last year came from airlines in this region.

The facility in Singapore, worth 700m Singapore dollars (£355 million), is not only Rolls-Royce’s first such capital investment on this scale in Asia, it is also the only one outside the UK.

Once fully operational, it will assemble and test about 250 engines a year. In seven or eight years, it is expected to be producing about half of Rolls-Royce’s global output.

The decision to choose Singapore as a regional manufacturing hub was made easy by a few factors.

Rolls Royce has had a presence in Singapore for 50 years, through joint ventures and servicing for one of its biggest customers to date, Singapore Airlines.

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