Airbus reports record orders for 2011

Plane maker Airbus has reported record orders for 2011 but has warned that demand for new planes will fall sharply this year.Airbus reports record orders for 2011The company said it received 1,419 orders worth about  £91 billion ($140 billion) last year, compared with 805 for its fierce US rival Boeing.

Demand for the fuel-efficient A320NEO medium-haul jet was particularly strong, it said.

However, sales chief John Leahy said Boeing would make up ground this year.

It has launched its own fuel-efficient 737MAX, demand for which will be strong, he said.

Based on the 2011 order figures, Airbus holds a 64% share of the orders placed with the world’s two largest plane makers.

“It isn’t our goal to end up where Boeing was in 1995 with 81% of the market,” said Mr Leahy.

“Our goal remains to stay in a stable duopoly between 40% and 60% of the market.”

Airbus also said it had delivered 534 planes in 2011, compared with 477 by Boeing.

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