Business Win supports the Green Windowcleaner’s services

Business Win supports the Green Windowcleaner’s servicesBusiness Win supports the Green Windowcleaner's servicesDomestic Window Cleaning
We provide a friendly and reliable window cleaning service every month, all year round. We are also happy to provide a one off, weekly, fortnightly or bi-monthly service if required. We also clean inside windows and conservatories. (include photos of cleaning inside windows and conservatories)

Using the water fed pole system we clean your windows with minimal disturbance to you, your property and the environment. We can reach windows that would otherwise be inaccessible, whilst maintaining your privacy.

We usually arrange payment by leaving an invoice and an addressed envelope (printed on recycled paper) so you can send us a cheque in the post. We can also accept credit transfers, PayPal and good old-fashioned cash.

Commercial Window Cleaning
(include photos of commercial work)
We provide professional window cleaning tailored to suit the needs of your business.

As a Height-Wise safety approved contractor we provide a low risk service. We take pride in doing our work to a high standard, without interfering with the daily running of your business.

Our environmentally friendly measures mean that, even if you are having your windows cleaned on a weekly basis, you can be sure that it’s having a minimal impact on the environment.

We can arrange payment as for our domestic customers. We are in the process of moving as many of our commercial customers to paperless invoicing as possible.

Ladder Minimisation Policy
(include photos of cleaning high windows)

Window cleaning is considered one of the highest risk jobs in Europe. Each year several window cleaners die and many are injured in falls from ladders. Even when used correctly, ladders pose a major risk to workers, customers and property. Therefore we make every effort to minimise our use of ladders. We achieve this by using a water fed pole system to carry out all window cleaning work. If ladders are needed for access, they are only used when conditions are suitable, and for the shortest duration possible.

For more information, you can contact the green windowcleaner by clicking here now.

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